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Sniff Plate "White"

Designed with social events and private evenings in mind, the Sniff Plate is crafted for those who want more from life. The Sniff Plate is an innovative piece with a sophisticated design. Its crystal-clear face is adorned with 4 polished and specially engineered grooves, each perfectly sized, each perfectly spaced, each perfectly designed for you. The edges of your Sniff Plate are specialty cut for a smooth, rich and controlled feel in your hands. Apart from the precisely engraved grooves, every plate is hand beveled, hand assembled, hand inspected, and hand packaged. 


Detailed Features


  • Ultra-clear silicon glass cured on top of liquid metal to ensure ultimate flatness
  • 3K twill carbon fiber card with matching 3K twill carbon fiber straw
  • Finely detailed engraving using powerful and precise lasers
  • Plate Length: 6.0 inches
  • Plate Width: 4.5 inches
  • Plate Thickness: 5.0mm 

Sniff Plate "White"

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